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We are excited to be empowering women in leadership at the 2024 Pieces of Me™ Retreat! We believe that women in leadership play a vital role in the success of any organization, industry, and community. As a leader, business owner, and community partner, you are an essential part of the Memphis/Metropolitan Area. You understand that supporting women in leadership is critical to the continued growth and development of our city and community.


On June 28-30, 2024, RG Coach and Consulting, LLC will host the third annual Leadership Retreat for Women: Pieces of Me™ in Memphis, TN. This retreat is designed to provide female professionals with the knowledge and rejuvenation necessary to strengthen their leadership skills. Our workshops empower, encourage, and engage each woman to tap into the often-neglected aspects of womanhood in their pursuit of leadership.

We would like to invite you to join us in honoring our retreat attendees with door prizes, meals, and a unique VIP experience.


Sponsorship Levels include:

Bronze Sponsorship


Silver Sponsorship


Gold Sponsorship


Pearl Sponsorship


business logo in guest program and 1 social media mentionbusiness logo in guest program, 2 social media mentions, and promo items in guest gift bagsbusiness logo in guest program, 3 social media mentions, promo items in guest gift bags, and a 1/2-page ad in guest programbusiness logo in guest program, 4 social media mentions, promo items in guest gift bags, table acknowledgement cards, and a full-page ad in the guest program

Pieces of Me™ Sponsorship Pearl

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