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This book shares an intimate story into Coach Rebecca's journey from depressed to degreed and how you can overcome and thrive after major setback. 

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This workbook is for anyone preparing for marriage. Allow time for introspection and development and watch you grow and thrive while preparing for your mate. 

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This devotional is for the busy woman on the go! One minute devotionals to help you get your day started with God and motivation throughout the day.

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This book is for couples who are intentional about preserving their connection and increasing romance in their relationship.

Intomesee Devotional and Planner.png

A 52-week devotional and planner designed specifically for couples looking to enhance their relationship. This planner includes scriptures, reflections, prayers, and weekly challenges that will help couples to connect with each other on a deeper level. With IntoMEsee Devotional for Couples, couples will be able to focus on building and strengthening their relationship week after week. 

This workbook is designed for anyone dealing with the residue of divorce. Whether you've been divorced 90 days or 90 years, this insightful tool will help you develop and thrive.

This workbook is designed for novice educators to gain a real life perspective of managing the classroom.  Educators will assess their current plan and create a new success plan based on introspection and reflection. 

This book is designed for novice educators to gain a real life perspective of managing the classroom. 

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Confidence in the Classroom.png

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This e-book is designed for anyone enduring tough times and feel abandoned. This e-book inspires hope and motivation to continue in belief that positive change is absolutely coming. 

This journal is designed to help you build your confidence through scripture and affirmations. 

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Leadership for Women.png

This workbook is those who are new to leadership and/or need a refresher in leadership fundamentals. Add this tool to your leadership arsenal. 

Our mission at RG Coach and Consulting is to provide women in leadership with the tools they need to succeed. We recognize the valuable contributions that women make to their organizations better and we’re committed to supporting them in their professional journeys. Our journal wisdom and insights to help women navigate the unique challenges they face. We believe that by sharing our experiences and learning from one another, we can create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all women in leadership positions.

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Kingdom Minutes Devotional (2).png

This e-book is the digital devotional companion for women on the go! Add to your library to have kingdom motivation at your fingertips.

Identifying limiting beliefs EBOOK.png

The ebook, "Identifying Limiting Beliefs," is an introspective guide that helps to identify the obstacles and self-doubt that holds us back from living a thriving life. By recognizing and addressing limiting beliefs, readers can transform their mindset and put themselves on a path toward success and fulfillment. Through practical exercises and helpful insights, this ebook empowers individuals to break free from negative thought patterns and achieve their goals. Don't let limiting beliefs hold you back any longer, unlock your full potential with this transformative guide.

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