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Will you believe in LOVE?

This is a simple, yet profound sharing of my heart. There are so many of us who have experienced what we thought was "love" and ended up being hurt more than loved. After an experience of hurt, heartache and pain we have a tendency to look at love through tainted eyes. With those tainted eyes we color every possibility of love by the hurt we experienced. There is a group, Jodeci, who penned a song years ago (I'm telling my age) that asked the question "Will you believe in love and the promise that it gives?". I would submit that question to you today. WILL YOU BELIEVE IN LOVE? I know, I know you've been hurt and you feel like love let you down. Well, I will boldly say to you that it wasn't LOVE that hurt you. It was someone who didn't know how to love. You were hurt by someone who didn't have an understanding of what love really means. Love is not the butterflies we feel when someone we are attracted to comes in the room. Love is not the emotion. Emotion is a byproduct of love. Love is much deeper than emotion. Love is a decision to be selfless, patient, kind, and more. Love is being vulnerable enough to take the risk of being hurt while believing that you won't. Love is strength. I've learned that I really didn't have a clue as to what love really meant in previous relationships. I had my own idea and acted accordingly. The Bible tells us that God is Love. So in essence, I am asking if you will believe in God and the promises He has for you. His love is the foundation for all earthly love. We often choose who we love based on surface expectation or desires. These choices are what can lead to us being hurt instead of loved. Don't give up hope that there is someone who will love you and make you forget that your heart was ever broken. I don't care how long you've been waiting. God's promise is real and it's true concerning you. Love is ready and waiting for you to let go, for real this time, of past hurts, past disappointments, past heartache, present and future fear and embrace what and who love really is. So, again, I ask you. Will you believe in Love?

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