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Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Text language has become an easy way for us to get our points across with minimal characters. As an English teacher, it makes me cringe when my students try to use this language in essays and other classwork. But, I am a definite advocate of using text language to make a point outside of the classroom, lol (see what I did there). The title of this blog can be used comically, argumentatively, emphatically, and as a final conclusion. Its letters have a general meaning, but can also be personalized if you don't have a potty mouth. But the message is understood when you make this statement. You have exhausted all reasons to care and at the point of making this statement, you absolutely and positively DO NOT CARE about whatever the subject is at hand.

Now, that we've put the statement in context, let's get to my point.

Going into 2022 we cannot afford to care about others' opinions. The care for what others think of us has cost us multiple opportunities, evoked fear, made us back down, silenced us when we should have spoken up, and more. I watched a YouTube video of a TED Talk by Sarah Knight, The Magic of Not Giving a F*** (highly recommend). When I tell you that video changed my whole outlook! Whew! She broke down the how, when, where, and why of that "magic". As a recovering people pleaser, this concept was hard for me. I lived to make others happy for the majority of my life. So coming out of that practice has been extremely hard work. I didn't realize how embedded the desire to get approval was inside of me. It was borderline sad. This past year has been about pruning and reprogramming for me in multiple ways and this has been one of the biggest areas. It's been about uprooting the reason I needed the approval in the first place. I finally got to a point where the pain of staying the same was greater than the pain of changing. So, after a few more disappointments, I decided to change.

Now, this new IDGAF attitude cannot be coupled with immaturity. The attitude of IDGAF must be grounded in a mature mind and with explicit purpose.

So, a couple of questions to ask yourself when preparing for this pivot:

  1. Do I really not care or am I making a statement in order to provoke the other person to care?

  2. Is this situation disturbing my peace or is it a situation that I am running from?

  3. Why do I not care anymore? What do I not care about?

  4. Am I using this statement to cop out of responsibility?

If the answers to those questions are in favor of maturity then you are headed in the right direction. For me, 2022 is the year of IDGAF. As long as I am doing what I'm called to do, helping others, growing naturally and spiritually, drinking water, glowing, and evolving, then people's opinions no longer rule me, guide me, or define me in ANY area. It's time for the real me to shine forth without the dimming from what others think of me. What about you?

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