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Don't you DARE!

Yesterday, I quit. I totally and completely quit my business journey. I was tired and drained from doing all I knew to do to get it moving. I'd spent money on programs, attended multiple seminars, implemented strategies, etc. and still, the needle wasn't moving. Yesterday, I was done. I came home frustrated with my regular job and mad that I couldn't quit because my business hadn't taken off to the point that it could be my main source of income.

My daughter gave me her usual after-school hug and usual "how was your day, mom?" and I LOST IT! Tears everywhere. She just hugged me and let me get it all out said some comical and then some encouraging things. I felt better but not enough to keep going. I shared how I was feeling with my business mentor/prayer partner and sisters/prayer partners being accountable. I didn't initially share with my honey because he would have gone into "fix mode" and I didn't want it fixed. I just wanted to get out what I was feeling and go to bed. And I did.

But you know what was important at that moment? My sisters listened to what I had to say and they let me have my moment. They didn't judge me for my feelings. They didn't try to bully me into changing how I felt. Their response was critical. It gave me the space to regroup without pressure. It gave me the time to fully embrace that moment.

Being able to do those things without judgment was clarifying for me. It gave me the time to take deep breaths and realize that quitting was not what I wanted to do. It was winning that was driving my passing. I wanted to win and if I went through with my decision to quit, I would lose that opportunity. And that's not what I wanted at all. So, I didn't quit. I woke up ready to try again.

If you're reading this and you are at the point of quitting, don't. I'm giving you permission to feel what you feel and handle it how you need to handle it. But I am softly saying don't quit. You've come too far. Rest. Reset. Regroup. Re-start. But don't quit, please.

When a mother is giving birth whether vaginally or by c-section, the toughest time is right before the baby comes out. I delivered both of my children via c-section. And each time before they came out the doctor said "you are going to feel a lot of pressure, here we go..." and after a few minutes there were the joyous cries of my babies. Both times. Vaginally, the doctor or midwife will ask the mother to give one big push when the baby is almost out, there's pressure. She has to bear down with all of her might and push that which she's carried for 9 months or so.

Your dream is your baby. You've been nurturing and caring for this baby. You've witnessed the growth and now you're ready to see it fully, but there has to be a birthing process. YOU'RE there. Don't quit. Don't you dare!

Birth that beautiful baby and watch all the current pressure fade away as you behold a miracle.

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