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Confident not Conceited

Anyone who successfully serves in a leadership role will tell you that you cannot be unsure and serve. Leadership requires hard work, dedication, tenacity, strategy, empathy and more. One of the most important traits of leadership is CONFIDENCE. The phrase "strong as their weakest link" applies to leaders as well. Lack of confidence is perceived as weakness. Confidence is being sure of yourself and your abilities. Confidence is saying "I have what it takes to lead this group to the next level". Confidence is saying I can trust the people I lead to do their job because I have made sure they have access to necessary tools to be successful. Confidence is the foundation for success both personally and professionally. Confidence is can be perceived as arrogance or conceit because a confident person is not easily swayed and they trust that they know what they are doing. Confidence operates in strength but extends kindness. Arrogance and conceit do not believe in "team". They believe in doing what it takes to make themselves shine. Confidence says I don't mind you shining as long as we are all winning. New managers, new business owners, new leaders think for a moment. Are you lacking confidence? Do you consistently second guess your ability and qualities? Do you allow others to box you in to doing something you know is not beneficial for your or your team? If you are currently in a position of leadership or an aspiring leader, please read these six steps to help build your confidence.

Be Authentic

Authentic means of undisputed origin or genuine. There is only one YOU! Confidence is built one brick at a time. The foundation is laid when you accept who you are and show up as YOU 100% of the time. Authenticity breeds courage. It takes courage to lead.

Be Honest

There is an old saying “the worst person to lie to is yourself”. No one knows your truth like YOU. It makes no sense not to accept it, whatever “IT” is. Being honest with others frees you from the weight of being in-genuine. Your team will appreciate an honest answer over lies and fluff any day.

Display Strengths

Do not be afraid to say what it is that you are good at doing. Can you negotiate? Make that deal and scope out the next one. Are you organized? Help

someone else get there. WHATEVER IT IS that you do well, acknowledge and use it. There are many capacities of leadership from CEO to Manager of Janitorial Staff. Why were you chosen to serve in that position? Your strengths have qualified you, now use them.

Willing to Laugh

You will probably never see this as a trait of self-confidence. I find it very necessary. A confident person can laugh when they make mistakes. The confident person can find humor in tough situations. A confident person understands that a mistake is not the end of the world. When leaders display their "human" side, their subordinates can make a connection. In education, we have a saying that students don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. The team that you lead needs to know that there is a person under the title of leader.

Understand Values

A confident person knows who and what they believe in. They understand what is important to them and what is non-negotiable. Leaders have to be able to stand firm when it comes to personal and company values.

Shares Accomplishments

IT IS OK TO TOOT YOUR OWN HORN! Sharing your accomplishments is acknowledging that you have overcome, you have conquered, you have endured, you have been proven. It is not being braggadocious and arrogant. It is simply acknowledgement. Leaders must have benchmarks in order to create growth goals. Benchmarks are accomplishments that you build upon. When you share benchmarks with your team, you become an inspiration and a challenge.

These are steps that are applicable to any profession and capacity of leadership. Take the breaks off TODAY and begin to lead effectively and confidently.

Coach Rebecca

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