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Being self-aware is one of your superpowers. If you know who you are, you don't have to worry about anyone else defining you.

-Coach Rebecca

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What are people saying about RG Coach and Consulting, LLC?

Professional Development

"It was engaging and entertaining... It was a nice welcoming activity (back to school) with an outstanding speaker. Brought teams together in a positive way."-Educator, Dexter Elementary
"I’m able to recognize the significance of teamwork and how the team is stronger than all of its parts" -Educator, Dexter Elementary
"The training felt completely unique to our organizational needs"-BGLO Greek Organization Chapter President

Personal Development

"This course helped to reveal one of the roots of my lack of confidence and challenged me to do the work versus just gathering information."- Participant, Confident Not Conceited Course
"Coach Rebecca is an awesome facilitator. She kept us engaged in the subject matter and the assignments were relevant to our goals."-Participant, Confident Not Conceited Course
"This event was life changing and I cannot wait for the next opportunity!" - Participant, Lose to Win Workshop
"Everything was excellent, professional and refreshing!"-Participant, Lose to Win Workshop
"If you are looking for a coach who is authentic and encouraging as well as honest and intentional, you need RGC."- Individual Coaching Client
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